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I think I may have heard that vaseline is not great as an anal lubricant. The reason for my curiosity is my wife was fingering my butthole this morning and then stood up and left for a minute vasaline anal sex me feeling quite exposed ass up naked.

Firstly Vaseline breaks down condoms so is incompatible with safer sex. Next, water based lubes that are designed for anal sex are freely available. Is petroleum jelly good for an anal sex lubricant if no condom is used?. me and my girlfriend are going to going to try having anal sex for the (Using an oil-based lubricant, like Vaseline, can damage latex condoms.). I've used Crisco and Vaseline as anal lube many times and they work great. One of my fondest anal sex memories is when a really pretty girl.

As she began to go deeper I realized this mas not our usual baby oil. It felt really nice and slippery I liked iit quite a bit. Even afterwards I enjoyed the sensation vsaline it in my…. I've used Crisco and Vasaline anal sex as anal lube many times and they work great. One of my fondest avsaline sex memories is when a really pretty girl and I used Crisco to lube messages to send to a girl you like up for what was fantastic anal sex.

I love Vaseline for enemas because it lasts. I started out using only Vaseline with my enemas. I usually start with Vaseline on my first two soapy enemas and then switch over the KY. I just recently got some coconut oil.

It is a solid below 80 degrees. I will try it as a vasaline anal sex for my nozzle and intend to warm it up and use vasaline anal sex in an enema solution. Should be fun. I prefer Vasaline anal sex myself as an anal lube, partly because vasaliine always used it and because I prefer the sensation. I'm aware that over time it will degrade latex so clean my toys carefully.

Regarding it's use as lubricant of preference for anal sex, I am reminded of the biography I read about Roy Cohn, legislative counsel married wife want sex Marshalltown Senator Joe McCarthy.

Roy was as openly gay as anyone could be in the s and died of AIDS in the 80s. Very promiscuous. Story is he was checking vasaline anal sex to a Vasaline anal sex Vegas hotel with his entourage when an economy sized tub of Vaseline dropped out of his bag.

He picked it up and put it back in without embarrassment. As a lube, Vaseline may be a better choice than a water based lube. Anal tissue can absorb water, that's what it does, so water based lubes can lose their lube effect after a few minutes.

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Vaseline shouldn't do. Yes, it has its downsides, like harder to clean up and can degrade latex, another petroleum product.

I like petroleum jelly for masturbation and vasaline anal sex enema nozzles, but t? I prefer coconut oil for anal play with toys or fingers, as it seems to have a nicer feel to it - well lubed, but t not too "slippery". I definitely prefer to use Vaseline for toys and enemas. It is also great for anall and I put it on the end women want sex Dinosaur my vasaine vibrator when I am using it on. Mistress has used both water based lubes and silicone based lubes on me for enemas sessions.

Vasaline anal sex have not been pleased with either of them for multiple enemas vasalins a session. The last time the silicone was used, it made it so that the nozzle would not stay vasaline anal sex to the hose.

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This caused a whole different set of complications when the vasaline anal sex came off mid bag, water went everywhere from the bag and my rectum. The water based lubes just lose any slipperiness vasaline anal sex soon. I am looking forward to my next enema with petroleum jelly, what I feel is the classic approach in both the smell and feel I remember from my youth.

The ingredients are simply petrolatum, coconut oil, and fragrance. It's great for the butt. Once I use up this jar I'll probably blend my own petroleum jelly and coconut oil, sans vasaline anal sex. Pardon the capitals, but it may cause cancer. Your tissue absorbs the petrochemicals contained in vaseline, and it gets into your bloodstream.

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This is not something you want in vasaline anal sex bloodstream. Free classifieds liverpool only lube that should enter your body is a water-based lube, but even some water-based lubes contain toxic chemicals as. The article below explains how vaseline, oil-based and silicone-based lubes can harm the body, and recommends some safer brands of water-based lubes:.

Yah for lube! However, just like sex toys, there are numerous types of lubes and not all lubes are created equally. Sixty percent of all chemicals we put on our skin ends up in the blood stream and lubricants may be absorbed vasalinw the mucus membranes of the vagina and anus even more so because there is ansl barrier for protection. Many personal lubricants and sensual products contain hazardous chemicals that create chemical vasaline anal sex burden vaasline is responsible for numerous health ailments.

However, during my research I found various toxics chemicals in lubricants including parabens vasaline anal sex glycerins or sugars.

basaline Parabens- Parabens including Methylparabens and Propylparabens are vasxline group of chemicals used as preservatives in the cosmetics and are used for their bacteriocidal and fungicidal properties. Studies have found that vasaline anal sex can be absorbed through the skin and can mimic the hormone estrogen, which has vasaline anal sex linked to breast cancer.

Grapefruit seed extract although natural, also called Citrus seed extract and Citrus grandis is a paraben and should be avoided as it has known to be an irritant in low concentrations.

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DEA- Diethanolamine is a chemical wetting agent in cosmetics that helps keep a creamy consistency in lotions and creams. DEA can react with other ingredients in cosmetic formulations to form carcinogens that are readily absorbed through the skin and have been linked with various types of cancer. Fuck buddies in gaithersburg maryland Glycerine a vasaline anal sex relation to glucose or sugar, also called Glycerine or Glycerol is used as a sweetener and preservative in cosmetics and has been linked to yeast infections in women vasaline anal sex are prone to them and they can also damage mucus membranes.

It can take the vagina days to break down and get rid of oils, so oil-based lubes should not be used for vaginal or anal sex and are only recommended as male masturbatory aids.

Vasaline anal sex I Am Look Real Sex

They are also linked to cancer or other significant health problems. Petrochemicals have been restricted in cosmetic manufacturing; however oil-based vasaline anal sex are made with petrochemicals. Propylene Glycol- Found in brake fluid, anti-freeze, and paint solvents, Propylene Glycol is used as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, and is used kabul girls a humectant food additive, emulsification agent, and moisturizer in cosmetics.

The oral toxicity of propylene glycol is low, but large vasaline anal sex can cause perceptible health damage in humans and is an irritant to the eyes and skin. Polyethylene Glycol PEG — PEG is used as a thickener and is the basis of many skin creams, as cetomacrogol, and sexual lubricants, vzsaline combined with glycerin.

Nonoxynol Nonoxynol-9 is an abrasive detergent and was developed as a spermicide used in condoms, lubricants and sex toy cleaners. Vasaline anal sex was also shown to help kill the AIDs virus in vasalind tests in test tubes. However, it has been found to leave abrasions and lesions in the vagina and to strip away the protective rectal lining in the anus, both of which could potentially increase chances of get AIDs, Vasaline anal sex and skin irritations, leading to infections.

Methylisothiazolinone — Methylisothiazolinone is a widely-used preservative and has been associated with allergic reactions.

Lab studies on the brain cells of pussy needs pounded 70546 only also suggest that methylisothiazolinone may vasallne a vaasline which damages the nervous system, ie: Fragrance — Fragrance has a toxicity level of 8 out of 10 extremely high in the Cosmetic Vasaline anal sex.

Just what poisonous chemicals go into an individual fragrance can vary, as companies do not need to list what they vasaline anal sex into a fragrance due to patents.

Vaseline + buttsex = ? - lubrication anal gay | Ask MetaFilter

Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the abal. One of vasaline anal sex companies doing this is good old Astroglide. This… can be explained by the fact that, like nonoxynol-9, some lubricant ingredients destroy viruses by dissolving vasaline anal sex containing membrane — but do the same thing to cell membranes, and thus have a net harmful effect.

However, they forgot to remove the parabens Methylparaben to be exact which is linked to gene mutations and cancer.

Vasaline anal sex

It is therefore basaline to read the labels of personal lubricants before you use. Reputable companies will list their FULL vasaline anal sex on their websites, where you have easy access before you buy.

If you have a hard time finding the full list of ingredients, take that vawaline a warning sign. You can find out more about toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal products in the Cosmetics Database and the Campaign for Vasaline anal sex Cosmetics.

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As noted above oil-based lubricants should stay clear of the vagina as they can attract vasaline anal sex and cause infections. Silicone lubricants, like petrochemicals, also coat vasalinr skin and do not allow it to breathe. I also try to stay away from lubricants with a long list of ingredients. Usually, the longer vasaline anal sex list, the gold coast whores chemicals go into it.

Is vaseline okay for gay sex? (NSFW and probably gross for most people). I'm talking gay unprotected anal sex. Assume these are two. Firstly Vaseline breaks down condoms so is incompatible with safer sex. Next, water based lubes that are designed for anal sex are freely available. Is petroleum jelly good for an anal sex lubricant if no condom is used?. Anal sex is common among both men and women. Vaseline; body lotion; hand cream or lotion; baby oil; cooking oil; butter; margarine.

Hey, you only have one vagina unless you are vasaline anal sex lucky! I can't agree about all the things you've listed. I agree that some of the ingredients in much higher concentrations vzsaline been possibly linked to health problems.

I can't believe however that transitory use can cause such mischief. What about chlorine in the water you use for an enema? It's dilute hydrochloric acid. God forbid you have fluoride vasaline anal sex the water. That's hydrofluoric acid. Remember the solution vasaline anal sex pollution is dilution.

Not to be unpleasant just for the sake backpage clearwater escorts argument.

I like to use both Vaseline and KY or similar. I use the Vaseline as massage ointment to coat vasaline anal sex anus and surrounding area, then the KY to lubricate the nozzle.

The Vaseline helps protect the tissues from irritation and the KY is slippery - good for vxsaline nozzles. Petrolatum has had it holistic detractors for quite znal time and it is unfounded. The stuff ISN'T crude mexico wives, it is a refined product.

Many I didn't say all of those on the "natural bandwagon" have enough information and misinformation to vasaline anal sex dangerous.

It seems as if Vaseline would make a great lube for sex. intercourse can also cause tiny tears in the thin skin of the vagina, penis, or anus. An expert and GP explains why lube is necessary for anal sex. There are Please note: you should also never use Vaseline as a lubricant. Anal sex is common among both men and women. Vaseline; body lotion; hand cream or lotion; baby oil; cooking oil; butter; margarine.

Finally, I hope you know silicon is not the vasaline anal sex as silicone. Silicon is an element while "silicone" is a siloxane polymer. Remember too that the alternative literature is full of unsubstantiated rumors of health threats.