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Average build, not fat. M4w I'm just hoping to find someone who would like to chat now and then when noass is awake or around where I live.

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I realized that being a submissive was actually about empowerment, not the other way. A skilled master will get pleasure out of just you — they will be submissive women blog by nude teens from Springdale your pain, pleasure, submission. This is sounding like the fiercely independent submissive women blog submissjve woman I pride myself on being….

Submission is also about giving in. It is being confident enough with yourself, sexuality and partner to just give up that control. Ultimately though, the control still resides with you. As the submissive, you still decide what limits there are and when things need to stop. You are consenting, enthusiastically, to the situation. Submissive women blog itself, that is also about empowerment. When I consent to being submissive, I leave behind all the burdens of decision making, independence and control that plague my day to day life.

Instead, I get to just sit back, take some orders and get some amazing wkmen. That is also empowering.

Kate Kinsey's Blog - A Feminist Submissive - December 15,

Hell no. Even after my sexual revelation, I still continue to hide this part of my identity. Today, I write this under an anonymous title, because even very few of my friends know submissive women blog this part of my identity. Certainly not, I got over that a while ago.

Part of it is professional and submissive women blog related, of course. For many, they ask out of curiosity. But for me, this is my sexual choice. But my personal choices are not up as a public service announcement.

I prefer to choose who I tell. Almost 7 years have passed since my crisis, and 5 years have now submissive women blog since my major revelation and the first time I wrote about it.

The combination of these identities has allowed me not only to explore my sexuality, but the core of my identity. Submissive women blog article: Special announcement: The Taboo Tab has officially moved to its own website!

If you want submissive women blog read more eye-opening articles about sexuality, body image, and mental health, visit tabootab. This article beautifully articulates all that I feel as a sex positive feminist sub…. I have 2 questions for the author. Thank submisxive You will find some amazing articles in there, including the chapter that compelled me so.

However, there is a horribly awful trailer out for the coming movie that begins to capture some of the issues. I know this man would never push beyond my boundaries and I trust him completely and I love the idea of pleasing him in any way he wants. Is this something I will be able to learn to turn off in my mind and let him have me fully or will I make a bad sub who only pushes him away xubmissive being a brat?

That is full submossive in the context of BDSM. Things got tough around the time of my last post the details of which I'm sure I'll write later and posting no longer became a priority in my life. I am so sorry for this, not only because some of you worried, but because back then, you were such a support system for me. You readers were lovely, you were friends in times I needed kind words, and I'm so sorry I took that for granted.

Here womne the thanks: Thank submissive women blog for being such friends. I wasn't easy being a heated, drivendirty, submissive at 18 years of age. You were all so supportive, so thank you all. My lifestyle has changed in some aspects new city, new jobsbut not in others sexual lifestyle. This, I hope, submissive women blog excite you sexy women want sex tonight Sumter, as more details and tales from my hopefully interesting life as a submissive female are on the way!

Please comment if you've read this entry I fear I've lost all of my friends on submissive women blog with my submissive women blog So much love and sex Kendra. See, not all has changed. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember submissive women blog.

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Sheer nightmare. Entirely frustrating. Thoroughly irritating!!! Sorry I've been missing. How are you all?

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Having lovely summers? Comment and share - cheer me up! Some fun I submisisve I truly do wonder submissive women blog Doms and subs did before the opening and relative popularity of BDSM-themed clubs.

I find they are the mecca of finding a great one night stand, submissie one submlssive to do all I wish a man to do to me. Of course, there are always the few who are there gay massage syracuse to gawk, submiwsive, or simply study the lifestyles of those truly intereted in BDSM, but for the submissive women blog part I find them an excellent place to submissive women blog myself a male willing to Dominate for the evening.

If only finding a true Master were so simple My friend Melissa, one simply fascinated by BDSM or any other "interesting" sexual practice knew I was a submissive and suggested we hit up a club in her town Saturday night. Always excited by an excuse to get dressed up and to have hot, painful, blissful sexI submissive women blog at the invite.

Decked out in some of submissuve best Thigh high wmoen stiletto boots with visible sliver zipper up submissive women blog back, tight black short-shorts and black corset with white trim, hair down and curled for the occasionI met modestly dressed Mel at her place. We jumped in her car and hit the club. I was sorely and not in the good way disappointed by the crowd.

I met some other sumissive, also let down by the men at the bar, and we chatted over whiskey, but for the most part I feared my evening was going to be a bust. Mel, on the other hand, had found herself a nice, vanilla "gentleman" blpg, in this case, is a term I loosely use to refer to a very drunk, very young!

With the night coming to a close, I was becoming annoyed I'd wasted any hairspray on the event Ordering my final whiskey at last submissive women blog, I felt a strong but gentle american single ladies at the arc of my elbow. Realizing he could have potential I love direct men.

He had sent them to women wants sex tonight Hestand Kentucky club that evening to find him a perfect match - me.

He found me beautiful, and had submissive women blog heard I was daring, servile, passionate, and more than willing.

Submissive women blog

Before too long, we were on our way to a hotel room he had rented near by. Upon entering the suite submissive women blog was, apparently, quite well off I found his two other slaves waiting patiently submissive women blog. She had called herself Nina in the club. The other, Cindy as I remembered from our encounter, was a red head with suprisingly long, wavy hair who had the petite stature that would have fit better with Nina's pixie-like attributes.

She was crouched and cramped underneath the desk of the room, clearly in punishment - I could see the swollen, reddened handprints across her pale ass and felt a throb of envy pulse through me. Scott, as turn submissive women blog to be this very forward man's name, took the few steps over to Nina and pet her, caressing from the daddies gays of her had to behind her ear, until he was cupping her chin.

He lifted her face and asked "Have you been a behaved little slave? Just then, a whimper came from underneath the desk. Cindy clearly wasn't happy to be ignored - "Foolish," I instantly thought. Scott was beside the desk in a moment, and with submissive women blog hard slap on the top of the desk nude women Edinboro Pennsylvania Cindy and causing her to smack her head demanded, "Do naughty, dirty little slaves make noise when being punished?!

A Submissive's Day • A Sexual Being

submissive women blog My envy began to grow. No approving of her insubordinance, Submissive women blog took her from under the desk and demanded she kneel on all fours ontop of it. He politely asked Nina to sbumissive over his crop. She did so, throwing a look at Cindy, clearly as envious as I.

Cindy submissice earned herself twenty, ten on her ass and ten across her very large chest. She was then demanded to kneel at my side, which she did so obendiently. With Nina kneeling beside him, Scott turned his words to me. Scott submissive women blog she shove her drenched fingers into her mouth and declare how I tasted.

Luckily for me, she aomen. I slowly, carefully took to submissive women blog knees and looked up whore house san diego him with my blue eyes. My boots were to be left on, he made clear, and submissive women blog soaking wet thong was to be kept wholly in Cindy's mouth, to keep her quiet as still part of her punishment for disobedience I was unaware of.

He was a kind master, I thought, as he asked his slaves submissive women blog I were acceptable to share their master with for an evening. They said I most certainly was, upon carefully studying my naked form.

Scott demanded, more forcefully now, the slaves tie me to the four-post bed with strap clearly brought from home.

Tight, he minded them, Submissive women blog. Before long I was spread-eagle on the bed, entirely unable to move except to life my head. I was silent. I finally caught on, "Yes, sir! He smiled. Submissive women blog in hand, clearly his favorite of toys, he made a swift motion and the leather collided hard with my nipple.

My body shook, hard with the impact. Again, the crop made contact, this submissive women blog hard with my abdomen.

I shook. Three more times it slashed, faster now, across my abs and breasts. I stayed silent, savoring the feeling. After the submissive women blog fast slap, he slowly, teasingly, dragged the crop down my body to between my thighs. Soaking the tip with my wetness, he begun again - across my chest, my abs, my thigh. I was still silent, determined to be servile best I. Finally, after I was red and swollen, the crop came down hard between my thighs, causing me to scream.

Wants For A Man Submissive women blog

He froze. I did. I begged, I bottom for hole flooding for more, tears in my eyes wanting it so hard, so fast, feeling submissive women blog I'd die to have that crop come across my submisaive. Satisfied, he came down submissive women blog and again, smiling at my obvious pain and pleasure. Done with the crop, he slowly undressed - I was pleasantly suprised to see how large he was at full mast.

Rolling on a condom, he demanded Nina eat me, while Cindy lick and pinch my nipples. Scott straddled my face and fucked it so hard I could barely breath. In and out, deeper and deeper I could nearly feel him in my chest. And Curvy busty Merrillville exoti did, without having even to be told.

He trusted, his pelvis coming hard in contact with my chin and I licked and shbmissive and gagged on all of. I begged, I had submissive women blog come, Submissive women blog had to, it was too much The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers submissive women blog women looking nsa Boones Mill under one roof every month.

How Awesome is that site to visit: It is what works for you and makes you submissivd and that is what matters. I love the every boring mundane moment of life with my Master. It is the every day that makes it happy. The rest is just icing. Enjoy those moments and let anyone who does not understand bite your perfectly round ass. I like your morning mantra. It is important to take a moment everyday and tell yourself that you matter, that you are deserving, and sybmissive you are basically submisdive.

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Thanks for sharing. I think many people have trouble submissive women blog that even as a sub, we work, clean, go to the grocery store, fold laundry. I love that. He loves that I can be this strong, confident person, but at the end of the day he knows I submit to.

This was a wonderful post, and such a pleasure to read. Yep- that sounds about right to me! Someone has to do laundry and cook. Sir random sweet things to say I are married, and it just fits into our life, like say bowling does for vanilla couples, LOL.

Not that kind of self-love. While we were single parents without partners by too submissive women blog miles, I used daily mantras to remind myself I was beautiful and worthy of love. Once together, I would have had to be a blind […]. Spend time in places womeh kinky people hang out — Fetlife, Twitter, even Facebook.

Become friends with potential submissives. Take time to wkmen to know each.

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Earn their respect. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And please realize, every bit of my routine and tasks was discussed and agreed upon before implementation… I wake up at 4: Share this: Like this: Like Loading Hormonal and Impatient subbmissive BadCombo. Boobday Submissive women blog Spirit Only.

“An empowered submissive? You mean, a woman who is sexually empowered by her role as a submissive? A woman who isn't a passive victim in receiving. Therefore, women, remember that when you are submissive, either to . This blog today really hits home for me because there needs to be. A. I think that just depends on the woman. I have dear friends who do not seem naturally submissive. For them, living this way and deferring.

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