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Colony losses, including those induced by the colony collapse disorder, are an urgent problem of contemporary apiculture which has been capturing the attention of both apiculturists and the research community.

CCD is characterized by the absence of adult dead bees in the hive in which few workers and a queen remain, the ratio between the brood quantity and the number of workers is heavily disturbed in favor of the former, and more than enough food is present. Robbing behavior and looking 4 honey usually attacking the weakened looking 4 honey do not occur.

In the present paper, the causes of the emergence of this problem are discussed, as well as the measures of its prevention.

The following factors, which lead to colony losses, are analyzed: Certain preventive measures are proposed: To conclude, all preventive measures are feasible in compliance with rules and regulations concerning regular spring and autumn bee health monitoring by licensed veterinarians, who can propose adequate treatments if looking 4 honey. Acta Hohey 69 1 looking 4 honey Review article.

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